Tourist Christmas Tree Ornaments From Around The World

Tourist Christmas Tree Ornaments: Mementos of holidays past

When travelling to new places it’s easy to succumb to the trap of buying gaudy souvenirs that wind up in the third drawer. The solution: tourist Christmas tree ornaments.

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tourist Christmas tree ornaments

A New Christmas Tradition

When I was in my early twenties, a friend of mine invited me to her house on December 1st to share in their family Christmas ritual. We had dinner and then decorated the Christmas tree with her daughter. With a medley of Christmas Carols playing in the background, they shared stories about trips they’d taken together, prompted by ornaments they unpacked, one by one. This was no ordinary Christmas tree, it was a travellers Christmas tree, decorated with tourist Christmas tree ornaments from around the world!

Each of the unique tourist Christmas tree ornaments told a story. Their tree was not merely decorative, it represented a lifetime of travels and memories.

The idea stuck with me. What a fantastic way to remember time spent with your loved ones and to relive your travels. When the temptation to buy cheap uninspired knick-knacks strikes, you can guarantee that tourist Christmas tree ornaments will continue to bring you joy, year after year.

Tourist Christmas tree ornaments

Putting the Kitsch in Christmas with Tourist Christmas Tree ornaments

Now when I travel, I buy tourist Christmas ornaments in every city or country I visit. If it’s the right time of year, I buy Christmas ornaments that reflect something unique about the destination. But most of the time, I choose something small and colourful that I can loop some twine through or attach with an ornament hook.

Find something small enough to stuff into a plastic bauble if you can. Bonus points for anything Christmas coloured. Keychains work especially well. They’re easy to find in most places, small and inexpensive.

Tourist knick knacks are a bit tacky for year-round decoration but you can never have too much kitsch at Christmas. We select each tourist Christmas tree ornament with great care, knowing that it will be cherished and enjoyed every year.

Colosseum Christmas tree Atlas Introspective

Geisha, Loch Ness Monsters & Pinocchio: A Motley Crew

A Geisha keychain bought in Kyoto, a Yule Lad from Iceland and the Welsh dragon from our time spent living in North Wales. Some of my favourite ornaments have little in common with the festive season other than their proximity to tinsel. But I love an ad-hoc, home-spun Christmas.

Living rooms can be staged and curated on January first, after all there’s no such thing as a picture perfect Christmas, despite what you see in holiday movies. Embrace the messy and complex reality of Christmas: the orphans Christmas dinner, family arguments, financial pressure and bloat.

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Now, like my friend I decorate my tree each year on December 1st and as I unwrap each ornament, I remember where I was and how it felt to be having a grand adventure. I think about the adventures to come, and the ornaments of Christmas future. And I remember my dear friend who passed along this beautiful tradition and who sadly passed away last year, a few weeks before Christmas.

Iceland Christmas Atlas Introspective

Have you discovered any new Christmas traditions when visiting a new country? What are your family Christmas traditions?

Celebrate the rituals of Christmas past, present and future with tourist Christmas tree ornaments.